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What benefits would the Complete IELTS course provide you?

Moving Aboard

Test of choice for people wanting to relocate to the UK, the US, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Earn in $$$

The IELTS certification opens you up to a lot of chances, one of which is a road to professional excellence.

Job Opportunities

IELTS can help you obtain a work visa, and the language skill will serve as a valuable asset and a key to success.

Studying Abroad

This certification can help you land your ideal university, as you'd be fulfilling their major requirements.

Personal Development

This course can also be a chance for you to demonstrate that you have a high level of English proficiency.

Career Advancement

Organizations from over 140 countries recognize the IELTS qualification, bringing you closer to your goals.

Course Duration

5 Weeks

Course Duration

16,000 Rs

Course Fee

1.5 Hour

Class duration

Course Content

Section 1. Reading

The IELTS reading section is a test that evaluates the examinee’s ability to read and comprehend written English. The section consists of four parts: two independent passages, each followed by five questions. In total, the reading section contains 10 questions that need to be completed within 45 minutes.

Our complete IELTS training Rawalpindi Islamabad will help you get a better command of your reading ability by transforming your concentration skills, concept organization, the art of skimming and scanning, and summarizing, while also giving you a vocabulary boost. A few sessions with our native instructors will help you quickly identify answers and write fluently with proper grammar and tone. Moreover, we use videos, audio files, and other media to help you learn more efficiently and retain what we teach longer.

Section 2. Writing

The IELTS test writing section is designed as a test of your ability to produce a clear and well-structured piece of writing in a limited amount of time. This section will challenge your abilities with an essay writing task and test your logical deductions and conclusions from graphs and figures.

We will teach you how to analyze and explain tables, charts, diagrams, and graphs in our Complete IELTS course. Moreover, you will learn how to present your own opinion in a structured and persuasive way. We help with your vocabulary building, which is essential for a good writing piece. We have greatly mastered the IELTS marking structure inside out and therefore can help your writing be more structured, concise, and to the point so that you achieve the highest score.

Section 3. Speaking

The IELTS speak test mimics a real-world circumstance where you will speak with an authorized examiner. This less than 15-minute conversation will entail three sections, including brief and lengthy discussions. This course will help you gain the confidence to comfortably express yourself on any and every topic in English. Our native instructors will help smooth your speaking ability so you will be able to speak in an error-free way in long discussions and analyze and summarize the topics.

Specialized mock tests help you receive immediate feedback so you can track your progress. You’ll also find dozens of exercises to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and more Learn complete Ielts in Islamabad,Rawalpindi and get one step closer to success.We provide the tools for success; now all you have to do is put in the time!

Section 4. Listening

Listening is generally considered the most challenging section of the IELTS test. It is designed to assess your ability to understand spoken English. There are four sections of the IELTS listening test based on academia, social issues, current affairs, and common discussions. Though difficult, it can be mastered through our well-researched course. There are many strategies in our IELTS course that will help you identify keywords and synonyms to quickly assess and understand a conversation you will be listening to.

Our IELTS experts will help you understand the type and nature of the questions and how you can answer them to get the best scores. We have also developed different strategies for all possible conversations you can come across while giving the IELTS test, so you are always prepared for any challenge that may come your way.

Class Schedule

Weekend Classes

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Hours: 3:00 pm-4:30 pm

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Our new classes are started on every Saturday.

Why Take the IELTS Test?

Trusted by more than 11,000 organizations worldwide, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) remains the gold standard for English language exams. Whether you’re an ex-pat, a student, a businessman or woman, or an ambitious entrepreneur, English is one of the most important skill sets to learn. It opens up opportunities and doors that would otherwise remain closed to you.
This complete IELTS training in Rawalpindi and Islamabad helps people like you take their English skills to the next level by providing high-quality, affordable courses for all levels. With our tailored approach to learning and expert native teachers, we’re here to help you achieve your dreams! Celea is committed to seeing you succeed!

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