How to Prepare for IELTS at Home? The Full Guide

how to prepare for ielts at home?

Prepare for IELTS at Home: Key Strategies for Success in the International English Language Testing System. This test assesses the language skills of those who desire to study or work in countries where English is the primary language of communication. This test is an international English language standard and is accepted by many universities and colleges worldwide. 

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Prepare IELTS at home – Tips and Techniques

Before you take the IELTS test, you should know what it entails. Each segment of the IELTS exam is assigned a band score ranging from 0 to 9, with 0 being the lowest and 9 being the highest. 

The IELTS exam is designed to test your English language skills in all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Each section of the exam is designed to assess these skills at a particular level of proficiency. Therefore, it is important to prepare for all sections of the exam in order to do your best on test day.

Preparing for IELTS is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and effort to prepare for the exam. But with some tips from experts, you will be able to do it at home in no time! Here are a few pointers that can help you prepare IELTS at home.

Dust off Those Old Books

It is important to read a lot of different types of texts in English. Build a reading habit – the more you read, the better you become at it. This will help you to improve your vocabulary and make you more confident when reading or writing in English.

Read various journals, newspapers, and magazines to brush up your general knowledge while working on your vocabulary. You will get more familiar with complicated terms and their meanings as you come across them more frequently. Additionally, it will also help you be well versed in various topics so you can speak and write on more subjects comfortably. 

Give Your Vocabulary a Makeover

Bring out that dictionary and try to broaden your vocabulary. To put a good impression on your test, it is necessary to have a little grasp of English phrases and metaphors. Start watching science programs or news networks to expand your vocabulary and learn new terms. Practice a daily “word of the day.” Try to explain the word to your friends and family, and use the words in daily conversions to remember it better.

It’s also helpful to remember that expanding your vocabulary doesn’t necessarily involve using sophisticated terminology. Instead, it involves selecting the phrases that will have the most impact. Cealea offers customized plans and private lessons that can help you reach your English goals.

Find Out Your Weaknesses

Watching English debates and speeches is advisable to get more familiar with the language. Replicate each statement after the speaker. It will lessen your accent and assist you in finding the proper speaking rhythm and cadence to woo your invigilator.

Start speaking in the language and record yourself while you talk to yourself. Recording your speaking will help you identify any pronunciation or grammar mistakes. You can then work on these mistakes before taking the exam. Keep repeating the process till you become a natural!

Get Your Friends and Family Involved

The best way to test your abilities is to try it on a real subject. Try to chat with some people, ideally a native English speaker. Dive deep into a full-blown conversation about the things that you like to talk about and try to talk entirely in English.

It is okay if you take your time to talk or have a ‘weird’ accent at first. After a few conversations, you will observe yourself becoming fluent in a foreign language, notice the accent fading, and your confidence going through the roof. 

Put It Into Practice

They do not say ‘ practice makes perfect’ for no reason. Try to get familiar with the IELTS test pattern. Many online sites offer mock tests based on the current IELTS test structure and guidelines. Do daily mock tests and evaluate your own abilities. Find out the areas in which you lack and work on them daily to improve your overall performance. Doing this practice routinely will significantly increase your chances of getting your ideal band score. 

The essay section of the IELTS requires a lot of time to prepare for, so try to get in some practice beforehand by writing essays about topics that interest you or about things that have happened recently in the news.

Work on Your Grammar

The most common mistakes that people make in language are grammar mistakes. While the grammar can be tricky and confusing, proper knowledge of it will give you a competitive edge over other non-speakers. It will help you build confidence so you can speak freely and express your thoughts comfortably.

You now have an excuse to catch up with Hollywood movies and binge-watch some Netflix. The best way to prepare IELTS test is by taking a mock test, reading books, watching movies and TV shows, listening to podcasts, and speaking with native speakers. 

Try To ‘Focus’

Most people find the listening part of the exam to be the trickiest. The reason is that we can easily get distracted while listening to someone speak or tend to get confused by an accent or fluency. The best way to practice your listening skills is to listen to audiobooks and podcasts daily and focus on the speaker’s rhythm and accent. It is best if you speak along, it will be good practice for your speaking and help you comprehend what you are listening to much better.

Create a Daily Timetable

IELTS evaluates all four language competence tests: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Writing. Daily practice with online questions and mock exams is crucial. Make out a schedule for routine studying. You can devote each day to one module or split a day working on all four of them on a daily basis. Spend the day working on the mock test and assessing your progress. Use the nights to relax a little by observing news channels, podcasts, or a show of your choice.

Take Away

IELTS is a useful test to assess your English language proficiency. The best way to prepare IELTS at home, increase your confidence, and eventually attain the desired outcome is to take the time to learn the format of the exam you’re taking and prepare using high-quality resources and feedback.

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