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The graphic designing course in Islamabad is for students to create content that informs, attracts & inspires consumers.

Using the principles of design, you will create visuals to compel users, ultimately contributing to business growth.

Key Learnings via the Graphic Designing Institute in Islamabad?





How a Graphic Design Course in Rawalpindi
shapes your career?


The average freelancer with basic graphic designing skills can earn around $80-$120 for a simple design.

Job Opportunities

If you have the talent for creating alluring graphics, then every business will need your assistance.

Personal Development

You will learn a new concept that is essential for digital marketing & will improve your skills.

Create Credibility

An alluring website will increase the authority of your website and increase your audience’s trust.

Effective Communication

Picture speaks better than words and your idea will be relayed to your audience in a better way.

Surpass the Competition

The more creative your graphics, the more people are drawn towards you leaving behind competitors.

Course Duration

4 Weeks

Course Duration

Every Week

Starting Dates

20,000 Rs

Course Fee

Components of the Graphic Designing Course

Section 1. Branding

Identification and management of the accumulative assets and behaviors that influence users’ perceptions of a brand define the ongoing process of branding. Given the overall effect it has on your organization, branding is vitally essential. When done well or not at all, branding can influence how people view your company, encourage new business, and boost brand value.

Through this graphic design course in Rawalpindi, you will learn the essentials of branding, how you can create and improve the content for different social media channels, and how attractive your visuals should be to help retain the audience’s attention. Increase your or your client’s brand value by creating user friendly content that surpasses your competition.

Section 2. Social Media Content

Anything shared on social media to engage users and build a community is included in the category of social media content. It includes blogs, posts, articles, images, videos, video stories, shorts, reels, and infographics. As you can see most of them include visuals because that is how you create viral content on social media.

Celaea’s graphic design institute in Islamabad is aimed towards providing its students with extensive knowledge of the updated social media algorithms so they create content that is recognized by the audience. You will learn the essential tips and techniques to create excellent visuals that capture the eyes of your audience.

Section 3. Photo Editing

With the aid of editing, you can produce an image that comes the closest to what you had in mind when you snapped the photo (or better perhaps). Specialized photographers can refine and highlight their individual styles. Additionally, editing supports branding for companies. Photo retouching is crucial for e-commerce businesses. People’s perceptions of the goods and sales results are directly impacted by the image’s quality.

Through this graphic designing course, you will learn how to straighten, crop, resize, sharpen, reduce noise reduction, and white balance a photo, among many other things. You will learn to enhance ordinary pictures to produce great quality results. Photo editing is a key component of social media and if you learn that, you will be the first choice of many social media managers.

Section 4. Printable Designing

A subcategory of graphic design called print design involves creating the design digitally first, then printing it out. The main uses of print design are advertising and promotion. Print design encompasses anything from company logos to fliers to packaging. The process of printing involves turning a digital design into a physical copy on supplies like paper, cards, or packaging. The design that will be published on a physical product is known as print design.

You will learn how to create graphics that are suitable for printing on mediums like panaflex and banners. Your design should be visually appealing and the message should be conveyed using minimal words. Learning this is crucial because most of the print designs are utilized for ads. Cealea is one of the best graphic designing institute in Islamabad and will cover the essentials to help you become a professional graphic designer.

Importance of Graphic Design Course in Rawalpindi

Graphic design is an artistic expression capable of delivering strong messages and not only beautiful images. Graphic design is a potent tool for conveying important messages and is not only about attractiveness. Unfortunately, if any component of the design is overlooked or handled improperly, it may significantly limit its impact and miss its target audience.
Carefully crafted visual components and savvy marketing techniques must be blended into one gorgeously created concept in order to effectively communicate your ideas. Cealea’s graphic designing course covers all the aspects and essential techniques to become an exceptional graphic designer. So, what are you waiting for?

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