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Social Media lets marketers connect engage with their audience, meaning it is almost crucial for every business to grow.

Our social media marketing course in Islamabad, allowing the students to learn essential tips for social media marketing.

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Essentials of Social Media Marketing Course in Rawalpindi


The average freelancer earns about $80-$150 for managing the social media of a reputable business.

High Income:

SMM is a field that will surely provide you with excellent income whether you do it full-time or part-time.

In-Demand Job:

Every professional business has a social media platform, and you can help them manage it.

Improvement in Skills:

SMM is a demanding talent, and acquiring expertise in this skill will benefit your career.

Build Your Community:

Managing social media accounts will allow you to create new contacts and increase your credibility.

New Strategies:

SMM algorithms change with time. By entering this domain, you will be familiarized with all of them.

Course Duration

4 Weeks

Course Duration

Every Week

Starting Dates

20,000 Rs

Course Fee

Components of Social Media Marketing Course in Islamabad

Section 1. Social Media Strategy

The majority of businesses use social media in some capacity to promote or market their goods and services. Marketing experts and business owners may choose the finest solutions for their specific needs and goals by being mindful of the various media techniques and how they operate.

In this social media training, you will learn to leverage different strategies like media concentration, media dispersion, earned media, and paid media. They are essential to increase the flux of audience towards your website, which will help you and your brand gain recognition. You will also get to learn the behavior of your target audience and set your social media goals accordingly.

Section 2. Planning and Publishing

You cannot publish content on your social media websites at any time you like. There are specific hours and days in the week when the engagement and presence of the audience is more than usual. You have to figure out which is the time when most of your target audience is found on social media platforms and publish your content accordingly.

Through this social media marketing course in Islamabad, you will get a better grip on how to read user insight and use it to your advantage. Insights are available on all social media platforms, but if you want to take it to the next level and learn all the nitty gritty details, then this course will take you to the depth of that extensive knowledge.

Section 3. Organic Reach Growth

Most people take the way of paid social media strategies because they are a lucrative and quick way to create awareness and recognition of their brand. But, for some business owners, it is expensive to bear the cost of SEM and paid advertisements. That is where organic growth strategies work the best. We know it is a slow process, but most people resort to this method to achieve lasting results.

Our social media marketing course covers the basic and detailed process of organic growth, which is highly effective. You will see the results in a few days without having to spend extra money on your and your client’s website. We have vetted experienced trainers who will provide thorough knowledge about effective organic social media market strategies.

Section 4. Analytics & Report

Brands may discover what matters to and shape the opinions of their audience through social media analytics. Marketing departments may create experiences that are more individualized and meaningful thanks to these insights. With the extra advantage of real-time feedback allowing for adjustments mid-campaign, the prospects for businesses are enormous.

Cealea’s social media marketing course in Rawalpindi will help you in learning the essentials of how to read analytics and use them to your benefit. You can learn what post your audience liked the most and which had minimum reach, so you get to improve the shortcomings. There will be so much more in the course content that will aid you in getting the knowledge about how to leverage analytics and improve user engagement through it.

Classes Schedule

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Hours: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Evening Classes


Hours: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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Learn Social Media Marketing & Become a Professional

Social media has grown to be the most prominent and significant virtual area, where users may promote their brands and products using the platform for more than just social networking. The strength of social media is remarkable since it allows you to reach a vast audience quickly after placing an advertisement, which lowers your costs and helps your adverts reach your target audience.
If you learn this special skill and level up your expertise, then you will be able to unlock new milestones and increase your knowledge. Cealea’s social media marketing training in Rawalpindi Islamabad allows the students to learn the basic and essential tips to master social media marketing. The B2B market is built on social relationships, and learning the critical aspects of marketing will help you create strong bonds. It will increase the reputation of your brand, and people will be drawn toward your website.

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