Business English In Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Business english is essential to excel in your workplace as well as other corporate settings, and we provide you with the best course for it.

Our Business English course lets you concentrate completely on learning English for your corporate life.

Objectives Of Business English Course In Islamabad

Business Communication

Report & Presentation

Email & Letter Writing

Cv & cover letter Writing

Why Do You Need This Business English Training in Islamabad?

Great Source of Income

People must know the financial benefits of learning English as it can help increase your salary package!

Foreign Jobs

Improving your Business English can help open new doors and even land you a foreign job with a better salary.


You will be able to help someone who needs a remote Business English expert with their tasks.

Improves your English

Improving your English will help you in the success of your business and also in other daily life activities.

Deliver Fantastic Presentations

Learning Business English will help you create better reports and give excellent presentations in front of peers.


Improving your English will help you in the success of your business and also in other daily life activities.

Course Duration

2 Weeks

Course Duration

12000 Rs

Course Fee

1.5 Hour

Class duration

Our Business English Course Outline

Section 1. Business Communication

The first portion of the Business English course in Islamabad will concentrate on several aspects of business writing, including grammar. If you operate in a professional setting, you should expect that your customers and coworkers have high levels of education and are proficient in grammar. Poor grammar is one of the few things that may make you appear less professional.

You will understand grammatical principles by the end of the first half of the course, which will allow you to make your business writing professional and clear. This online Business English training in Islamabad will cover proper word choices and common writing tricks to help you avoid writing mistakes that you may be committing without even being aware of it.

Section 2. Report & Presentation

At any point in your professional life, having strong presentation abilities will serve you well. The dread of public speaking is one of the most widespread phobias, despite the fact that giving speeches is often a defining event in one’s professional life. This Business English course is ideal for you if your goal is to become someone who can get up in front of a group of your peers (or even a huge audience!) and present with composure and self-assurance.

In this online Business English training in Rawalpindi, you will discover practical tactics for overcoming presenting anxieties (such as self-talk and audience engagement skills), thorough suggestions for effective PowerPoint presentations, how to speak totally without notes, and how to cope with typical challenges that many public speakers confront.

Section 3. Email & Letter Writing

Because email is the most prevalent method of business communication for professional settings, it is essential to use it appropriately. This Business English course will help you learn how to compose good emails. Even while emails aren’t often as formal as letters, you should still make an effort to portray a professional image to make a good impression both of yourself and your firm. This course is being offered by an Business English institute in Islamabad.

You will leave this course with the ability to compose professional business emails and letters that are concise, unambiguous, and get straight to the point. You will learn how to get outcomes and improve your connections with customers, coworkers, and other clients during the duration of this course.

Section 4. CV & Cover Letter Writing

The Business English training in Islamabad will also teach you how to have a cover letter that looks professional and how to make your resume highly accessible on employment sites. Find out how to write each line of your resume so that it gives the impression that you are a prospective leader, competent, and excel at the abilities required for the job. This will make your resume more well-rounded. Taking this Business English course will help you build your resume properly.

Class Schedule

Weekend Classes

Saturday & Sunday

Hours: 11:00 am-12:30 pm

When You Can Join?

Our new classes are started on every Saturday.

Why is Business English Important?

Business English is a kind of English that is particularly well-suited to international trade, business, and finance. The ability to communicate in business English is essential for job advancement. Improving your business English vocabulary and expertise is essential if working successfully in a global context is your objective. In general, it will widen many doors and provide new professional prospects.
There are many different English language courses on the market. However, Business English is a subset of English that is specifically geared toward the corporate lingo that is most often spoken in the business sector. It is a necessary talent for the global business world. You can learn Business English by taking our Business English course.

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